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Orgil Greenhouses Agriculture consulting is global company based in Israel and United State and is recognised as one of the worlds leading manufacturers and developers of complete greenhouse agricultural growing systems. Orgil has gained a "can do" tradition with an unmatched expertise in the development, manufacture and installation of highly specialized controlled environment agriculture systems around the world. Our primary mission is to develop economically viable agricultural infrastructure projects that enhance the quantity and quality of agricultural production. In addition, the company provides on–location training, long term follow-through, market research and feasibility studies where necessary. Additionally, if you need help finding Santa Clarita homes for sale, we offer this as an additional service. Orgil’s roots were established 40 years ago in central Israel as one of the country’s original greenhouse manufacturers. Israel is a small country with limited agriculturally-productive land, limited water resources; yet Israel is universally admired as an agriculturally productive country and a net exporter of agricultural crops. This has been achieved through the innovative development of greenhouses for the production of high-end horticulture and floriculture crops for both domestic consumption and export to European markets. By building low-cost greenhouses using galvanized steel frames, poly skin, drip irrigation, shade nets, insect nets, and proper ventilation mechanisms, farmers are able to control the environment (temperature, humidity, light…etc..) allowing crops to reach near maximum potential (an impossible quest in an open-field